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An organisation is a living entity:

it is healthy and productive, when its

roots, stem and branches change and

grow in equilibrium.



The organisation’s fruits – projects, programmes and services – are at the core of attention within the organisation and to the outside world. They are, after all, the purpose of the organisation.

It is the roots, the stem and the branches, however, that determine, what kinds of fruit are produced for which ultimate purpose and in what way. When an organisation is struggling in delivering its activities, the reasons more often than not lay elsewhere than in the services or projects themselves.



Successful organisations have these things in common:

  • Clear strategies

  • Effective governance and leadership

  • Sound systems and processes

  • Equilibrium of resources

  • Strong networking and partnerships


We provide invaluable external expert perspective that helps our clients understand the hidden root causes  for difficulties in delivering on their mission and identify 

steps to boost success.


“It’s one of the great chastening facts of working with systems that the part of a system that malfunctions is almost never the part in which you notice the malfunction.”


Edward Snowden,

Permanent Record.

Strategic Planning

Develop Strategic Capacities


Build organisational strategies and systems to be one step ahead in a changing environment.

Where is your organisation headed over the next few years?


What sets successful organisations apart is that they have a clear strategy, capacities, and an agile culture that drives innovation.

A strategic plan guides the work of the organisation throughout several years. It responds to key questions about the current and intended future identity, role and goals of the organisation, based on its internal status quo and capacities, as well as external factors.


We assist clients throughout all or selected stages of strategic planning, and help them develop an ambitious and realistic multi-year framework that guides their work at all levels.


We help clients to:

  • Clarify their vision, mission and develop their strategy

  • Perform diagnostics to highlight gaps, quick wins and and longterm perspectives in strategy and innovation capacity

  • Develop their team and system to work strategically and respond to a changing environment

Governance and Leadership

Build Effective Governance and Leadership


Strengthen the core functions of your organisation and create a stable and innovative working environment.


Who governs and leads your organisation how and why?


Effective governance and clarity in leadership are the core function of an organisation to ensure clarity and stability in working towards the mission.


Governance is the set of policies, processes and practical tools, which assist management and boards in the overall direction and effective fulfilment of their tasks to accomplish the organisation’s mission. The governance culture determines the culture of the organisation.


We assist our clients to develop their governance approach, tools and culture adequate to their needs and possibilities, in order to strengthen the core functioning and stability of the organisation and its cooperation with other stakeholders.


We help clients to:

  • Understand the changing requirements in governance with regard to the status of the organisation and its environment

  • Analyse their governance in relation to the organisation’s current and future needs and highlight quick wins to improve its functioning

  • Clarify their governance structure, policies and functioning

  • Develop good governance knowledge, skills and performance among their leadership

Recource Development

Tap into new Resource Opportunities


Harness the potential to maximise your resources and develop a long-term strategy for growing your funding. Build organisational strategies and systems to be one step ahead in a changing environment.

Do your resources match with your mission, strategy and goals?


The stability of a non-profit organisation, and its ability to fulfill the mission depend on successful fundraising and much more. While financial problems can be an indicator for insufficient or unaligned funding, it can also be an indicator for deeper structural problems or lack of strategic alignment of different functions within the organisation.


We support our clients to analyse and develop structural, functional and context-related key factors, that will lay the basis for successful long-term funding of the organisation, as well as in developing resource development and fundraising plans.


We help clients to:

  • Analyse their resources in relation to current and future activities and identify operational and structural gaps to funding success

  • Strengthen their capacities for resource development and fundraising

  • Establish a holistic resource development plan, including fundraising and partnership development

Interim and Change Management

Interim and Change Management


Use a gap in senior management as an opportunity to advance organisational change.

Do you face a sudden or interim gap in senior leadership? Are you unsure on what kind of profile you need for a vacant executive position? Take your time and take the opportunity…


Leadership transitions at senior executive level can be a challenge and risk for any organisation. At the same time, it can be an opportunity to advance long-needed organisational change before a new permanent executive is put in place.


We support our clients during leadership transitions through external support or direct interim management.


Facilitation of Meetings, Conferences and Workshops 

Strengthen the dynamics for innovation and change by engaging your team and partners through participatory facilitation methods. 

Would you like to make sure everyone is participating and is heard in your next workshop or meeting? 

Skillful facilitation is essential for productive meetings and workshops. Planning and running difficult meetings can be a major challenge, especially if you need to contribute to the discussion on an equal par with other participants.Whether you need to make crucial decisions, develop a strategic vision, or overcome differences in views, the use of adapted facilitation methods help to use meeting time effectively and efficiently. 

We offer:

  • external facilitation of meetings, workshops and conferences

  • In-house facilitation training and coaching to develop facilitation skills within your organisation

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